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Seminar with Fito Schreiber - Saturday, 30 September 2017


I am happy to let you know that on 30 of September 2017 (Saturday) we will have an opportunity to practice with my teacher since 2001, Fito Schreiber from Tao Center


I was very lucky to being introduced to Tai Chi by Fito in 2001. He has been my teacher for almost 16 years now and he does not stop to surprise me by the depth of his understanding of the art and life in general. Since his childhood he has dedicated himself to the practice of internal martial arts. Today, he and his wife, Anat, run a Tao Center, where they both teach Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua, Kung Fu for kids and provide healing treatments. 


Fito also works and helps people with different types of disabilities. Anat also treats people using Zen Shiatsu and Chi Kung approaches.

Every time I meet Fito it is always more than learning a specific subject. Something more is happening. I become more balanced, more centered and have a clearer view of what is going on in life.

Date:                                                        Sat, 30 September 2017, 10:15 - 17:00

Location:                                                  Priory Junior School, Longsands Road, St Neots, PE19 1TF

Price:                                                       £60

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