Standard - 1 lesson a week
  • A student will be entitled to participate in one weekly lesson during a block duration. Normally, the block are 5, 6 or 7 weeks. Weeks, when there are no lessons not counted in.

  • When paid by blocks, the price per 1.5 hour / 1 hour class is £12 / £9. 

  • If a student misses a lesson, it is possible to attend an equivalent duration lesson instead in any of our other running groups.


Enhanced - more than 1 lesson a week

  • A student is entitled to participate in all classes.

  • The fee is the standard fee for the most expensive block of lessons participated in plus half of the standard fee for the second most expensive block of lessons participated in.

Pay as you go membership

  • The fee for attending a 1.5 hour / 1 hour class is £14 / £11.



  • Family discount. If two family members participate, each one is entitled for a discount of 10% of the membership fee. Three or more family members can study for the price of two (two family members discount does not apply in this case).

  • Children below age of 16 arriving to classes with their parents, can study for free. Starting from their 16th birthday the normal payment will occur.

  • Full time students are entitled for a 10% discount of the membership fee.

Private sessions

Learning privately has an advantage of full attention of the instructor and learning at your own pace. The fee is £50 per hour.