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Fito Schreiber and Dmitry Sokolik March 2017
Ben Milton and Dmitry Sokolik November 2016
Wee Kee Jin and Dmitry Sokolik April 2018
Dmitry Sokolik


My Tai Chi journey started in 2001.

In 2001, by a chance, I met Fito Schreiber (Tao Center). He performed a Tai Chi demonstration, and I was amazed. It was clearly possible to see that he was moving inside something very dense. The movements were very soft, but also filled with internal strength and intention. It was possible to feel the emanation of balance, stability and presence of the core. I then realised that this teacher is able to show me the way to what I am after.   

Since then I trained with Fito constantly till my relocation to the UK in 2012. Fito introduced me to different types of Chi Kung, Yang 24, Chen Laojia Yilu and Erlu forms. I continue to study with Fito regularly online, and whenever opportunity arises, travel to him to review and adjust my practice.

In 2013, after my relocation to Bristol, UK, I was lucky to meet another great practitioner, Ben Milton from Bristol school of Tai Chi. My Chen style training with Ben included foundation training, 19 form, Laojia Yilu, Erlu, Sword, Broadsword, Xinjia Yilu and pushing hands.

During this period I enjoyed and found very beneficial attending seminars and studying from great Tai Chi Chuan practitioners such as Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing and Chen Bing. Several meetings with Chen Xiaowang and his instructions made a significant impact on my practice.

After my move to Cambridgeshire in 2015, and looking to explore pushing hands in depth, I have met Wee Kee Jin (Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium). Fallen in love with the path of internal and the way Jin teaches and shares his understanding of the Art. So, I have added Huang Sheng Shyan's system as taught by Wee Kee Jin into my discipline and have been exploring it in as much depth as possible.

Words are not enough to express the gratitude to my teachers.

My passion to Chi Kung and Tai Chi is what leaded me in organizing this Tai Chi school and sharing my knowledge with others.

While doing this, I am trying to keep a beginner's mind and continue my own practice as much as possible.

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