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Seminar with Wee Kee Jin - Tue-Thu, 30 April - 2 May 2024


I will be hosting my teacher, Wee Kee Jin, during 30 April - 2 May (Tue-Thu) 2024.

Wee Kee Jin will be leading a workshop over 3 evenings on the practice and application of Tai Chi. This workshop will be of interest to students of Tai Chi at all levels and an ideal introduction for beginners wishing to explore Tai Chi for the first time. It will also be of interest to those training in other styles of martial arts. Every workshop with Jin is an opportunity to go deeper into Tai Chi and make significant progress.

But even more so, as Jin is getting older, his Tai Chi becomes more and more refined, and our time with him more and more precious... Last but not least, workshops with Jin are great fun, and bring many smiles and enjoyment. ☺️

As in previous years, we hope to record as much of the seminar as possible, and make the recording available to the workshop participants.


Wee Kee Jin is the principal instructor at the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium based in Auckland New Zealand. He is internationally recognised as a senior instructor of the Huang Sheng-Shyan system and is in ongoing demand by schools and associations in Europe, New Zealand and Brisbane Australia. Wee Kee Jin has dedicated himself to Tai Chi, with professionally teaching in Singapore, where he was born, and in New Zealand where he immigrated in 1991. Wee Kee Jin gives workshops in England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Norway and Denmark, plus every few months he crosses the Tasman to Brisbane, Australia. Over the southern hemisphere summer months, he hosts visiting students from Europe, America and Australia, providing them with residential training including personalised tuition, and access to his schools’ classes. The distance hasn’t deterred many from returning regularly. This is probably not just a reflection of Wee Kee Jin’s depth in understanding Tai Chi Chuan, but also his open and accessible teaching style.


The workshop will consist of:

  • Tai Chi Principles

  • Five Primary Exercises

  • Tai Chi Form

  • Push Hands

  • Cultivating and releasing the ‘relaxed force’ of Tai Chi

Date:          Tue-Thu, 30 April - 2 May 2024, 18:00 - 21:00

Location:    Dry Drayton CE Primary School, Park Street, Dry Drayton, CB23 8DA



Download booking forms:

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